I visited my new optometrist today. I like him much better than my old one, and hey, he’s convenient! His office doesn’t require hours or Sherpas to get to, it appears to be open normal business hours, and the receptionist is so friendly it verges on disturbing. Plus, he’s kinda cute in a 30-something suburbanite, clean-cut, farm boy kinda way.

Anyway, in doing my eye exam, he used dilating drops, which I don’t recall ever having been subjected to before. That’s messed up, man. Then he used yellow oil-type drops. Also messed up. My eyes still feel like someone else’s, and I left the office almost an hour ago. My eyes are just fine, and I get new contacts. Whee! Thankfully, it’s very cloudy out, because I had a hard time driving with as much light as there was. Had it been sunny I would have had to drive with a nearly closed-eye squint and with my head perched just above the steering wheel. And I plan to drive like that, but not for another 50 years. 🙂

Today a co-worker accused my boss and I of having called each other this morning. He was wearing a charcoal suit and an orange shirt. I was wearing a charcoal skirt and an orange sweater. Of course, I replied that either we’d called each other… or we’d gotten up together. To which my boss replied, “I’m wearing her underwear.” Because my team? All about the professional. (And, if you’re Cody, the underwear comment will be funny on an entirely different level. Except that Cody will probably have already forgotten why…)

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