As challenged by Dana.

Ten Years Ago:

I had just started university at York in Theatre. I was older than pretty much everyone in my year (20), as well as older than the second year “frosh bosses” assigned to mentor us and keep us in line. I was getting used to a lot of things, including living in Toronto. I would soon really discover the Internet and the wide world of talkers. Whee!

Five Years Ago:

I had just moved in to Chris’ place from the townhouse. Chris, Val, and I moved out, and Beckie and the kids moved in with Steve. Almost overnight my health problems vanished, and I slept better than I can remember sleeping at any other point in my life. I had been at Descartes for three months, and was loving it. James and I were also kaput by then, really, and I think he was in “I am going to enter the seminary” mode.

One Year Ago:

I was still at Descartes, and hating it. Things were really getting into their rut with Andrew and I, though we weren’t unhappy. Gordie would be arriving within a few weeks. Andrew’s family came up to my parents’ place for Thanksgiving, the first real holiday the families celebrated together.


I got up at 5:30 and was at work from 7 – 11:30am. I took the afternoon off and went to a matinee of Serenity with Sherry and Andrew, then out for pho with Andrew. Then I came home, got changed, went and picked up my pictures at Shoppers (SO HAPPY with them), and walked Barney and Gordie with Andrew so that he could get some sleep afterwards. Came home and spent a quiet and tired evening.

Five Songs I Know All The Words To:

My memory for useless information is near-photographic. Songs fall under the category of useless information. 🙂

Five Snacks:

1. Grapes.
2. Ice cream.
3. Peaches.
4. Cereal.
5. Smart Food.

Five things I’d do with 100 million dollars:

I play this game in my head all the time. 🙂

1. Give a few mil to my parents and brother. (Make Dad retire tomorrow, buy Mom and Dad their first set of plane tickets, and get Chad moved out of the house.)
2. Buy a faboo house (or have one built) with some land.
3. Give a few mil to the KW, Cambridge, and Guelph Humane Societies.
4. Buy dogs.
5. Throw a gigantic party with awesome food and booze and hand out big cheques to my friends as party favours.

Five places I’d run away to:

1. Sydney, Australia.
2. Ireland.
3. My parents’ house.
4. New York.
5. BC.

Five things I would never wear:

1. Spikey heels.
2. Mini skirts.
3. Midriff tops.
4. Sleeveless t-shirts.
5. Gold lame.

Five Favourite TV Shows:

1. Amazing Race.
2. Survivor.
3. Firefly.
4. Buffy.
5. Angel.

(Survivor and The Apprentice I can take or leave these days, but I can’t think of anything else I really watch. The other three are no longer on, I know, but I’ve seen the dvds and I at least really like them.)

Five greatest joys:

1. Fall.
2. Reading.
3. Animals.
4. Photography.
5. Family/friends.

Current Reads:

1. Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America, by Barbara Ehrenreich.
2. Pirates! in An Adventure With Scientists, by Gideon Defoe.
3. The Good Girl’s Guide to Negotiating, by Elizabeth Austin and Leslie Whitaker
4. a bunch of blogs
5. the list of work to be completed on my brother’s house to give to my cousin.

Five People I am tagging to do this:

I’m not tagging anyone. But people can do it if they want. 🙂

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  1. Honestly, I don’t remember 10 years ago. Maybe just going back to school again. So, still in London. Maybe teaching high school and definitely working at the bank. Don’t remember much about that at all…

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