Stolen from Michelle, though originally seen at Dana’s, I think.

Instructions: type “[your name] needs” into Google and paste a list of sentences based on what comes up. Alrighty then…

Melanie needs to become more tolerant, especially of emotions.
Melanie needs an arena for excellence.
Melanie needs to find “a happy medium between being a strong female and being overzealous in her opinions”.
Melanie needs to be restrained.
Melanie needs to practice the piano for 1/2. hour tonight.
Melanie needs to consider another aspect before buying a newer car.
Melanie needs a bus pass or referral for childcare.
Melanie needs to become somewhat flexible and leave some of the pig headedness behind.
Melanie needs to be able to cite something.
Melanie needs to tell Kevin how she feels when he doesn’t listen.
Melanie needs a hospital.
Melanie needs such special care.
Melanie needs you.

Melanie is disturbed and amused. 🙂

2 Replies to “Meme.”

  1. heh.

    The first thing Sherry needs to do is discuss the situation with her boss.

    Sherry needs to have a control group.

    Sherry needs only one word to name the artist who’s influenced her the most – Frida.

    That Sherry needs a new overhaul! HORRIBLE!

    Sherry needs no introduction.

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