I’ve had just about enough of this orphan stuff. I need to go back to work for a break.


Left work at noon. Met up with Andrew, Sherry, and Cathy and headed down to Toronto to see Jon Stewart at Massey Hall. See previous post for more detail.


Almost went to the Market with Sherry, then realized a scheduling problem, so I just poked around the house until 10am, at which point it was time to head to Stoney Creek to meet up with Dana and Coffee and head out to the Rockton Fair. It was, of course, ruralicious. A cute little midway, booths where artery-clogging foodstuffs were to be had (“Philly-style” Canadian back bacon on a bun and elephant ears, precisely), buildings filled with the craft and agricultural efforts of hardy farm folk, livestock, fudge… Oh, and a carnie who quacked at me. Photo goodness to be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rubberduckie/sets/1110196/. And then we left and hit the Rockton Berry Farm to procure pie. Dana: pecan. Melle: cherry. They do a fine pie, though, good Mennonite that I am, I’m not used to covered pies.

After heading home Andrew and I arranged a co-viewing of the season’s first Hockey Night in Canada at his house. (One simply should not enjoy Don Cherry alone.) Alas, the Leafs lost to the Habs, but it was a good game. And we had pizza. And Doritos. And fudge. This weekend has a bit of a “porking up in as many ways as possible” theme.


Sunday was going to be “breathing lots of oxygen and burning things” day, but Andrew’s mother invited me to join them for Thanksgiving dinner, so I forewent (foregoed?) my journey to Bakers’ Acres and got all domestic. I halved Earl the Pumpkin and gutted him, then roasted half of him. (The other half is in the oven now.) I cleaned the seeds and they’re in storage til I next see Cody (lest you think Andrew is the only male to whom I cater). I cleaned the squash and sweet potatoes I’d previously roasted out of their skins, and, along with the pumpkin, pureed them into something useful at Andrew’s (I’m still in the research phase for buying a food processor). I strung the chilis up so they can dry out. Andrew cooking. I bought the remaining needed ingredients for the soup and pumpkin loaf. I hit the LCBO for my contribution to the Cowan/Lyall Thanksgiving dinner. I got Andrew to come over and get Chris’ new Mac Mini detecting the network so he’d have access to the infobahn (and was reminded that geeks are SO FUCKING SEXY, even if they are your ex-boyfriend) šŸ™‚ – and I later re-fixed the computer myself after I got home that evening, Chris having gone all English Teacher on it and fucked something up again (his gratefulness was pitiful, yet sweet and amusing). And then mid-afternoon Andrew and I headed over to his parents’ place and filled up on snacks before sitting down to dinner. I knew it would be a traditional holiday when two bottles of wine were drained before we even got to the main course. Andrew’s salad was delicious, even if his dressing preparation style is… unique. šŸ™‚ We headed home around 9pm, stuffed unto pain, and I spent the remainder of the evening thanking God for the invention of track pants.


I had pondered heading up to the M&Ms’ place for a day trip today, but upon making a mental list of Things to Do last night in bed, I decided to forego it. (I will head up there soon. I need a bonfire and to not be in the city for a while.) I vegged in bed til 9am this morning, which is pretty much unheard of for me, but I have been hauling ass since then, so it all evens out. I strained the stock and assembled and simmered the soup, made the pumpkin spice loaf, assembled the IKEA shelves and filled them in the process of cleaning up the spare room, cleaned the litter boxes, washed dishes (I have lost count of how many loads of dishes I’ve washed this weekend), vacuumed, tidied up my room, returned a library book, and started laundry. I still plan to strip the dried herbs off their stems and put them away, scrub down the laundry sink, clean the bathroom, and finish the laundry. Because I am not completely insane, I do not plan to dust. šŸ™‚

When I walked up to the library today, it didn’t occur to me until I was well on my way there, that I could have biked and made the trip in about a third of the time. Guess I’m just not used to owning a bike yet. Plus I am a walker at heart. And I couldn’t take pictures on a bike. The city was very quiet, almost like it had been abandoned and the squirrels had taken over. They were everywhere. Dozens upon dozens, grey and black. (No red ones; they’re nearing extinction because they can’t compete with their larger cousins.)




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