I found this article interesting: http://www.cnn.com/2005/TECH/ptech/10/11/biometric.atms.ap/index.html.

Not exactly the general point of the article, but a specific section:

BanCafe, Colombia’s fifth-largest bank, bought the ATMs at the end of 2002 for added security for coffee growers and to get them to open accounts. The growers wouldn’t need to carry ATM cards, which can be a lure for thieves.

Ricardo Prieto, who was vice president for system operations at BanCafe when the system was installed, said that at first ATMs failed to recognize fingerprints on the well-worn hands of some elderly customers and laborers such as construction workers.

He said the ATM imaging was improved, and the number of customers whose fingerprints couldn’t be read fell from 30 percent to 8 percent.

I find the juxtaposition of developing advanced technology to protect against the abuses of commonly used technology, along with the idea of improving technology to accommodate the effects of hard manual labour very telling, and an interesting comment on the realities of how the world works.

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