I am not the kind of person who has a Plan. Five years, ten years, whatever. I wholeheartedly agree with the axiom: “Men plan; God laughs”. Well, except for my entertaining little curse that every guy I date finds his soul mate immediately after we stop seeing each other. 🙂

Aaaanyway, occasionally you will come across something that just sums up… everything. Typically the words are in another language. Sometimes you get lucky and they’re even in English. A little while ago Dana posted an entry from Abbie the Cat’s blog, (which is one of the saddest things ever), and from that came one of those phrases. A good pirate.

That is what I aspire to. I want to be a good pirate. I want my friends to be good pirates. I want a man who is a good pirate. Hard to define, but perfectly obvious when it’s there, y’know? Of course, for my Mom I will continue to work on being das gute Kind.

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