When you ask someone, via Messenger, “How long are you going to be around?”, and it’s someone you’ve recently started sleeping with, and he answers with, “Online or in your life?”, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to start wondering if he knows something you don’t. 🙂

Starbucks Chantico (“shan-TEE-ko”) Drinking Chocolate. Oh, sweet goddess of all that is chocolatey and good, where have you been all my life??? Needless to say, it’s SO VERY BAD for you. And I really don’t care.

Jesus in a tree. I can’t see him, ergo I am convinced it is a test of heathenitude. No word if GOLDENPALACE.COM will be purchasing the tree.

Courtesy of DanaD, a statement of shocking and obvious brilliance: “The only thing better than food is food in a pie.” How could I, as a Mennonite, not have realized this???

The Darkness’ latest tune contains the line in the chorus: “One-way ticket to hell and back”. Umm.

http://www.torontopetheaven.com/ – a nice idea. Horribly (no pun intended) executed… The logo! The design! The belly-up-pets-on-the-kitchen-floor photo! The music! The Euthanasia page with the sentence ” To prolong the death of a beloved pet who is suffering, euthanasia should be considered”! Oy freakin’ vey, people.

http://images.forbes.com/media/communicating/pennyarcade.gif – exactly!

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