Last night was, I think, full of weird dreams. I only remember parts of one. I was in an ugly 70s-vintage house in surburbia. Non-descript neighbourhood that was maybe getting a little shabby. Grey brick. In the house were a lot of people. All the girls were prostitutes, not entirely voluntarily, I don’t think. All the men were johns, each of whom had been “paired up”. Then there was a man, who I don’t really remember, except that he wore a leather fedora. He was in charge, so, presumably the pimp. I followed him around and was kind of the madame/second in command. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t say or do anything about it, either. There was weird porn on the tv, and cheap sex toys strewn throughout. And the pimp and I mostly just walked around the house, checking up on things, taking money, etc. I do remember at one point one of the girls snuck up to me when I was alone and showed me money she’d kept back from giving to the pimp. Obviously she would have gotten in serious trouble had he known, so she was very sneaky about it. She was also really excited. And I was equally excited for her. Presumably she had a plan of some kind. I don’t remember anything after that. Left me feeling kinda icky.

Cuz if I were ever a madame, it’d be in the Old West, and my name would be Ruby and I would wear low-cut red gowns and carry a derringer in my garter (as would all my girls), and I would drink whiskey and flirt with prospectors and pillars of the community alike, and make sure my girls knew how to shoot a gun and use a knife and throw a punch, and got paid well for their services. And there’d be dancing. 🙂

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