My alarm woke me up this morning out of a really crappy dream. I was using my old cell phone, and the buttons didn’t work very well, and the screen visibility was really bad (though neither of these was a problem with the phone when I was using it). I was desperately trying to call my brother; he was on a suicide watch or something and I had to get a hold of him to make sure he was okay. But his phone number was Mike’s number (Imaginary Mike, not recent Mike). And on top of that, no matter how many times I tried to dial it, the numbers I punched in were always one off. So “574” came up “463”. And I was lucid enough to think okay, then try punching “685” so “574” will come up, but it never worked, and I could only enter “463”.

Sheesh. That sucked. I need to call my brother today, anyway. Perhaps I need to put a call in to Imaginary Mike, too. “Hey, it’s Melle. Haven’t talked to you in, what, six? eight months? Hey, just wondering – you’re not planning to kill yourself, are you?” Seems reasonable…

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