I am exhausted and depressed and angry. I guess getting up early and spending the better part of your evening ironing curtains will do that to do. My main beef with the world tonight was that I am tired of taking care of other people and feel it’s about goddamned time someone took care of me for once. My current phase is about what I feel I “deserve” and why isn’t it my turn and all that.

And I hate my brother’s fucking house. I wonder how many times I would have to scream that before it would make me feel better?

Anyway, to pass the time I was listening to music. This can be all kinds of fun when you’re in a highly introspective mood.

This is where I live
This is what I do best.

It occurred to me that I don’t know where “this” is. Nor do I know what I do best. Thank you, Ms. McNarland.

And no matter how tired or angry or depressed or petulant about the state of my life, listening to Johnny Cash sing First Time Ever I Saw Your Face made me feel like a stupid kid who doesn’t know a goddamned thing about life or relationships.

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