Busy weekend.

This morning started at 9am, walking two crazy dogs, who, as it turns out, had been alone since I left them at 7:30pm the previous evening. The housesitter had forgotten her key and locked it in the house. I remain very displeased. The dogs were hyper as fuck. I have the leash burns on my wrists to prove it. šŸ™‚ After that, I headed home to try and find my sunglasses and change my clothes, since Gordie jumped on me about a minute after I arrived in the house, thus muddying the clothes I’d washed the night before. Ahh, dogs… After that: the open road!

I headed down to Stoney Creek (I’m getting good at it!) to the abode of Dana and Coffee. I was “early”. I arrived at 10:55. Dana was infinitely proud of herself for being ready by 10-ish – complete with eyeliner! (This is what you get in households where people don’t have jobs…) šŸ™‚ And so with that, we were off!

Fortunately Dana and I were of a mind and had no interest in hitting the outlet mall. Obviously the outlet mall could not have sufficiently high concentrations of processed, sugar-laden foodstuffs, underwear, or health and beauty products, and so it was Wegman’s, Target, and Tops for us. I got toothpaste and undies and chocolatey goodness! Dana contributed nicely to the American assumption that Canadians consume nothing but sugar, salt, and fat. Mmm… I just drove the cart into displays like drunken frat boy. Cuz I’m smooooooth. Needless to say, there are reasons why I am never the road trip driver.

Of course, before that we had to have lunch. Dana wanted to go to Denny’s, and I was fine with that. The theme of the day was excess, after all. Except Denny’s smelled like campground washrooms. Yum. Then it came up that I had never eaten at an Applebee’s, so we went there instead. But first, I took these pictures in the Denny’s parking lot. There was “adornment” on the other side and back window, too.

Overall, there was much shopping and much humour. Nothing like gut-busting cackles based on politically incorrect endearments. The drive home was fun, too. I do enjoy when my mind wanders. šŸ™‚ Tired this evening, though. Busy weekend. But hey, I get to wear Supergirl undies to work tomorrow!

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