This afternoon Sherry, Andrew and I played hooky and went to a matinee of Serenity. Splendiferous goodness, and very Joss. There’s something Sherry said that would illustrate that well, but it would be a big spoiler, so I will leave it unquoted.

What was particularly entertaining to me was Andrew and Sherry. After the breakup, they had no truck with each other, as they’d say in the south. Sherry had a lot of anger, for reasons of her own and of friendship to me, and Andrew is the most non-confrontational man on the planet, and accepted that for quite a few people, he was now The Bad Guy. After a while and a carefully orchestrated meeting (heh, I am so wily), a single word was spoken to break the spell (well, it wasn’t quite that simple). And so today, when I returned from the washroom prior to the movie, for example, they were nattering away like little old ladies. Warmed the cockles of me ‘eart, it did. Everything was just like before: my presence was utterly unnecessary. šŸ™‚

Despite getting up at 5:30am, today has been very good. For many reasons.

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