Sherry and I went to the Market this morning. She even brought coffee. Could there be anything more perfect than being out on a crisp autumn morning, wandering rows of produce, displays piled high with all textures, colours, and flavours, basil and bbq on the air.

I have eaten my cinnamon bun and am now eating red Niagara grapes and drinking cider. It’s early cider, the taste thinner and greener than I like, but that’s to be expected; it’s early in the season. Mid-October, that’s cider season. When all the varieties of apples are ripe and the blend of the juice is rich and sweet and you don’t want to swallow any of it, just hold it in your mouth and think of leaves turning colour.

Alas, we did not find the Buffy action figures. We knew it was a crapshoot. Oh well, there’s always eBay.

And now I must needs sprint to the grocery store and try to get in and out before the places becomes lousy with suburbanites and their petulant spawn…

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