Symbol of Canada.

I am a latecomer to the IKEA game. The first one I remember visiting was in Sydney, and I wasn’t impressed. I’ve been to the one in Burlington twice now. I am starting to get it, a bit. If I was young and getting my first apartment, it’d be awesome. As it is it’s fun for this and that, though not enough fun to develop an insane fetish like Marcela has (her house looks like a catalogue, seriously). I got a teapot (I have hated my teapot since I bought it), a paring knife, some picture frames, a shower curtain, and some shelving. I wanted the mini box/drawer storage thingies like at my chiropractor’s office, but I couldn’t find them, alas. At Fortino’s nearby I got a pizza screen, a wooden spoon, and some of their Costa Rican coffee. Ahh, consumerism.

As we were leaving IKEA and loading the car, Andrew started giggling like a little girl. He wouldn’t say why til I got back from returning the cart. Turns out he had heard part of one their promotional announcements, but missed the first part, and swore the last part was: “…or, create your own wall of beaver!” Needless to say, we were cracking up about that all the way home.

And then Dana forwarded me this. Hah!


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