I click a button entitled: Write. Were that it were that easy. At present, I’m not sure what all the words are, and, had I that clarity, there also seem to be issues in getting them out.

So, here’s what I know.

I think I’ve had enough Hurricane Katrina porn. Stories of miseries. Photos of horrors. Pointing of fingers. Addressing of issues. And it hasn’t even been a week.

It’s hard to know what to think about people.

I know too many women who have been raped. There is something very, very wrong with the world when the “one in four” statistic seems like a nice decrease to shoot for.

I don’t think I want to date right now. Or for a while.

I am not sure where most of my libido is, but I don’t really mind right now that it’s not around.

I feel very strange tonight. Vaguely depressed, vaguely libidinous, vaguely aggressive, vaguely antisocial. For some reason I have been missing the days when I had a “buddy”. Not sure why it feels like that would solve things. I have been thinking about the view from Duke’s balcony into the empty shirt factory nearby. The floors were hardwood and it would make fantastic condos.

I picked up a magazine a while ago that I found at the gym. It’s called Toro, and seems to be Canada’s answer to Maxim, except mixed with a bit of McLeans. The girl on the cover was actually wearing a top AND a skirt. Albeit both short and tight. The reason I picked up the magazine, though, was because she was wearing the most amazing shoes, these sort of red patent leather pumps, but… better.

It’s already SEPTEMBER. I am afraid of this year, but am looking forward to fall, though I’m not sure why, other than that I love fall in general.

I am SO looking forward to riding tomorrow. I am in need, mentally and physically, of vigorous exercise. And Andrew is a man who is nice.

It’s really disturbing when the pets make sweet love. Just the… nuzzling and the licking. I support whatever alternative lifestyle they want to have, but I don’t really need the inter-species public displays of affection right in front of me.

I am really looking forward to the next girls’ weekend, except that it’ll be in November. NOVEMBER!

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