Last week when we were on the way to go have beers, Dan made a comment about “maybe not being around”. When I hear comments like that, I wait and see what comes next. Apparently I was supposed to ask, because he made a nearly identical comment a few minutes later. And so I requested further explanation. He said he’d been interviewing – had had one and the second was scheduled with this particular company. I asked a bit about the company and the job. When he told me what he knew, I knew he was gone. Sometimes things click so well it’s practically audible. And so his resignation was announced yesterday.

I’m not happy about this, though I know he was stalled here, and this is a great opportunity for him. He gets to start anew, but at a higher level than he’s at now. He gets to build and grow things on his terms. He gets access to more budget. He gets more money, etc. He’s my friend and I am pleased he now has opportunities for greater success. However, he’s also my boss and I want him here. He’s a good boss, and a good friend. He’s smart, and works hard at trying to manage the chaos. He is part of our team, which is very close-knit and gets each other. Now it’s all a question mark. I don’t like question marks. I’m not always a huge fan of change, either. However, I am quite experienced at change in a work context, so I will be alright.

I typically like coming to work, doing my thing, and being mostly oblivious. Not having to think about coming to work and doing my thing. Or politics. Or diplomacy. I don’t feel like I have that luxury for the time being. Dan’s departure, some silly things they’re making “policy” lately, and just a general Spidey sense. I have some mild ideas about how to chill myself out while I wait and see. One good thing about it all is that Rob and I are getting to be buddies, which I like. I’m going to need him to help maintain my sanity some days. I think he is becoming something of my Office Sherry, or Office Husband, as the case may be. Reference here:

Heh, last night Rob and I had to explain to Dan that the “I don’t give a shit” attitude would come shortly. (He was still in the “trying to be as conscientious as possible” mode.) It appears he listened well. I have gone to ask him things today and he has been in his cube with his feet up reading the employee lit from his new company. We sat talking for a good chunk of an hour. Then he went and chatted with one of the other IT guys for a goodly while. You go. šŸ™‚

Last night the team got together at Dan’s to “celebrate” with red wine and cigars. It was odd to see Rob with the dog. His reaction was completely foreign to me – he didn’t want to interact at all. Didn’t want the dog coming up to him, didn’t want to pet him, etc. I did my best to cheerfully beat up the brainless beast and keep him off Rob. Admittedly, I am less enamoured with stupid dogs than with smart ones, and this is a stupid dog. Ahh well, least he’s good natured. šŸ™‚

As we typically do when we’re all together and there’s alcohol, the conversation got onto topics both graphic and filthy. And, of course, hilarious. At one point I made the comment that I didn’t think the kinds of conversations we had were typical among co-workers, to which Mark replied, “That’s your fault. When you’re not here we talk about… Microsoft and shit”. Heh. Thanks?

Dan and I sat and chatted for a bit this afternoon, which was nice. We can talk business, but on a friends level, and though there are a lot of similarities between us, somehow, we think and act differently, and have different motivations and ambitions, so we complement each other well. I got to point out some things to him about the new company, and warn him that if he takes the other guys and leaves me here, I will hunt him down. šŸ™‚

On a completely unrelated note, life has twisted interestingly. There is a boy. (It’s funny, it doesn’t matter how old you are, or how old he is, if he can make your tummy do funny wiggly things when he says stuff, he is A Boy. I wonder if that’s a female-specific bit of subtext, like a sweater?) He makes me feel good, and, more importantly, when I don’t feel good, he is very good at making me feel better. He strokes my ego and makes me grin and makes me imagine. This is good. When I haven’t heard from him in a bit it makes me wonder what he’s up to. I am a little scared of spending time with him, because it’s easy for things to be perfect when you are afforded the luxury of being invisible to each other. Dana and I have played the I wonder what’s wrong with him game, and have not come up with anything of note. It’s fun being at the stage where everything you find out keeps making it better.

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