Stolen from Dana. (Who also stole it.)

Favourite toothpaste: Aquafresh Empowermint, although you can never re-create the first time you brush with it. As a kid I used to love Close Up’s green/mint flavour, too.

Singer that will most likely make me cry: It’s more specific songs than singers. The Dance, by Garth Brooks; Love, Me, Colin Raye; Don’t Dream It’s Over, Crowded House.

Most life-changing experience: Either the year spent in Australia, or this year. Much, MUCH growing up was done (is being done…)

Favourite colour of socks: Bright colours, fun patterns, like duckies or monkeys or whatnot.

Most annoying thing about sidewalks: When they’re uneven or not wide enough or end when you need them to continue. And cyclists on them. Hmph.

Favourite soundtrack for a movie I’ve never seen: Can’t think of one.

Reason that I would survive if I lost everything I have: I know where “stuff” fits in life. I’ve lived through a fire and lived in a foreign country for a year where almost everything wasn’t mine. You deal.

Favourite neighbour: Don’t know any of them very well. I don’t mind the ones next door up the street, since when Baloo has gone zooming across their yard they just grin at him. The ones kitty-corner are entertaining mostly for being trashy.

Best experience on a rooftop: When we were kids, and playing outside, especially water balloon or squirt gun fights or whatever, my brother ALWAYS went up on the roof. He was like a monkey, could climb anything, so he’d just go up the tv tower and attack from above. I was also… greatly discouraged, from ever doing the same, since I was rather clumsy. So the first time I managed to climb up onto the roof and attack from above was Very Cool.

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