An interesting day. I got a late start because I ended up having a Messenger conversation with my Mom that was one of the deeper and more enlightening conversations we’ve ever had. It centred largely around adoption and the circumstances of mine and Chad’s. Apparently he was in at least three foster homes before my parents got him, and I have other biological brothers who were in or finished college/uni when I was born. Huh. We also talked about Chad’s sister Brittany a bit. Whew. There’s a fun situation.

Then I dragged my ass over to Chad’s house, SO not wanting to work on renovations. (The one blessing of the heat this summer is that it was a fine excuse not to have to do any work.) I was there for about ten minutes before heading out to swing by my house to pick up rubbing alcohol and eat soup, then hit Home Depot. I scraped down the kitchen/laundry room doorframe, and worked at getting the remaining latex off the door. It began to enrage me, and really, on close inspection, it’s not an attractive door, so I decided it had to go. I called Andrew to ask if he’d be so kind as to accompany me to Home Depot again on a door-buying expedition, and he agreed. So I hung around Chad’s place and chatted with him, and then with my parents when they arrived, and then was on my way out to my car to head home when Andrew finally pulled in the driveway. (Apparently something to do with Paula watching What Not to Wear made him late. What. EVER.) Realized at Home Depot that doors come in sane sizes like 30″ or 32″ wide. Chad’s kitchen door is 31 9/16ths” wide, and I ideally wanted one 31″ wide. Hrm. Gonna try the ReStore. We did, however, get grass seed, a mini rose, and an axe for Andrew at Crappy Tire. Axe shopping is fun!

My mother, upon realizing that I had been out in public in my raggedy renovating clothes, completely lost her shit. (Not like this is even remotely the first time I’ve gone to Home Depot on those clothes.) She was appalled that I would go out in public so unsuitably attired, and you just don’t do that, and what would people think, and how would it reflect on her, and how was I ever going to get a man going out looking like that? I was… flabbergasted. And amused. Hello? a) I’m 30 years old. b) I didn’t see anyone I know, and why would I care if I did? c) HOME DEPOT. d) Not so much a singles bar. e) The contractors are dirtier. Bloody hell. Sadly, this outburst on her behalf was worse because I no longer have a boyfriend. How fucking sad is that. Oh, and this was after my brother laughed at me cuz my hair is “really short”. Uh huh. And you just about have a bob, my dear, so who’s cooler?

I started my Film Fest research, and finished to Contemporary World Cinema by the time I’d had enough for the evening. I tried to find a synopsis, at least, for all the films, and attached a colour-coded rating to ones I’m interested in: yellow for “might be cool”, orange for “want to see that but it’s not essential”, and red for “really wanna see that”. I have ten tickets to my name and already almost ten reds, and I’m not even at the really cool movie categories yet. *sigh*

I had a truly glorious moment this evening. Andrew was bitching on Messenger about being stuck on the phone with his cousin, who is looking to buy a new car and has been wanting to talk to Andrew a lot because she’s thinking of getting the same car he has. I got to go into rant mode (it was a good-natured rant) that he is exactly the same, and hemmed and hawed and researched and obsessed for, oh, six months? before buying the car. And, in fact, he hems and haws and researches and obsesses about everything (see: ceiling fan), and that he should be the one to shut up, not his cousin, and that if anyone deserved sympathy, it’s me. Hah! Man, that felt good. Only problem is now I can’t just let go of the flood gates of rantitude. Argh! All rants in good time…

Tomorrow: family picnic! Please don’t rain, please don’t rain…

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