Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me.

A friend sent me a gift last night. Well, there were a lot of gifts… šŸ™‚ But this one was different. Magically appearing in Messenger – a picture of Deb (and Coffee). It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her face, in person or in pictures. It felt good. It made me miss her. It made me smile. Would that I had never wiped off the lipstick last time you kissed me, lady.

In the land of the living, I like Dana. I know more than one Dana, so presumably any Dana who reads this will now think: I am so cool. (And they are.) However, at present we refer to DanaU. I have known her for what I consider a very long time, particularly since much of our acquaintanceship is internet-based, and, as everyone knows, time goes much faster online. For a long time, I mostly knew “of” her, though WebGrrls and such. She was a moderator; she had a web site, and… yeah. I’ve gotten to know her much better in the several years since I’ve been a member of WNET, but again, that was mostly internet-based with dabs of get togethers on occasion. I recall thinking on a number of occasions that she is an excellent online friend. Interesting, sends emails of engaging length, smart, funny, quirky, etc. At one point I had the impression that she and I would always get along better online. I honestly don’t remember why I ever thought that. I suspect it was due to comments and influence of others. I have always found Dana very interesting, both on her own merits and based on her life to date. Her life makes me feel like I have yet to grow up. šŸ™‚ And yet, she remains brightly coloured and paints leaves and petals over the cracks in her life so they become sunflowers. And yet she gets life in a way that many people don’t. She is realistic about life’s ups and downs, but has learned to handle them on her terms. She handles life like I handle people. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons we reflect each other well. (We’re working on how she handles people. Mostly she’s too nice…) Anyway, I have been getting to know her much better over the last little while, and strange as it may seem after technically knowing her for so many years, it’s a lot of fun to realize how many layers to like keep appearing.

On an utterly unrelated note, I have been pondering violence. A Bad Thing Happened To A Good Person, and being human, violence came to mind very quickly in my reaction to it. One would think, given the point to which human culture has supposedly evolved, that we would be “past” violence. We would have something else, something better, something more fitting. For example, the “death of personality” in that Babylon 5 episode I mentioned. As a species, we seem stuck with attempting to stop violence after the fact, and punish the perpetrators, rather than figuring out how to prevent it in the first place. 50,000 year-old hardware… What is “appropriate”? Kill murderers? Sodomize rapists? Steal things from thieves? We may think of ancient civilizations as barbaric, but it kinda seems sometimes that things worked better then. Were we just better at acknowledging what we are as a species?

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