I am so tired. I don’t exactly have energy to burn these days, but then there’s getting through a day at work, and then the Humane Society, and then some relaxing time, and then the grocery store, and then laundry and over an hour chopping fruit and veggies.

I have some concern about work in the next little while. There are several large projects on the go and ramping up, and Dan not only needs the whole team, we’re in the process of hiring a couple more headcount. To say I am not firing on all cylinders, however, would be an understatement. I am tired; I can’t concentrate; and it’s just easier to get through the day when the “job” I give myself is going through my personal email. Wish I could do that whole “throw yourself into work” thing. I had an internal sigh today when Dan told me he’d gotten approval for overtime. (Because I came from Operations, I’m not overtime exempt, which simply doesn’t happen in IT. However, when my new job description is finalized that’ll change.) Even if I WAS with it right now, there’s still the project with Chad’s house going on. Overtime… yeah. Ahh well, I’ll manage. Dan’s a good boss and a good friend. I owe it to him to do my best. Plus, if I want August 30th off – two days before the September 1st deadline for a bunch of things, I’d better fucking deserve it.

The Humane Society was good for me, as it usually is. Busy week, again, so I only walked one dog. However, I also cleaned kennels, fed the dogs, and folded laundry. And did some window flirting with a couple of kittens. So many kittens… Tis the season. Actually, I did a bit of customer service, too. I explained to a gentleman what the cost of a kitten adoption entails/includes. There’s a good comparison article on the HS web site that explains why our animals cost what they do: Free to a Good Home? It would be nice if there were more helpers around, but the next volunteer orientation isn’t for a while, and the high school students are done their community service hours (thank God…) The HS has consistently provided me with reminders, when needed or not, that life and the world are not even a little bit all about me. And at least I’m not as frazzled, overworked, and bitter as the people who get paid to work there…

After I left work today, I felt the beginnings of… I can’t explain it. It’s the feeling I get when one of my “bad” evenings is coming. Under the circumstances, I was worried about how bad it would be. So I asked Andrew if it would be alright to come by after the HS and hang out, see the dogs. Yes, I was just on my way out the door to see dogs, but it’s not quite the same thing. He was cool with that, so I did. Fortunately, I am the kind of person for whom a face like this one does a world of good.


And watching Gordie with his currently pink nose, constantly in motion, guarding us, trying to eat flies. He’s so childlike. My boys. Andrew kindly shared his dinner with me. I managed to eat most of a turkey tournedo, which is like banqueting for me right now. I discovered bread is also on the list of things I can’t swallow. I’m afraid the dogs got the bun. Andrew partially shaved, down to a goatee. It looks odd, but not bad. His upper lip is wide, so the goatee is widest at the top. Plus he’s never had a goatee since I’ve known him. It was a bit different, looking at him with the slight change to his face. I still notice the colours his eyes turn, which is hard, but it’s not like that’s going to change. It’s good spending time with him. We’re still friends; that’s the strongest thing we’ve always had. We just need time before it’s all good that being friends is enough.


As for the food, we are having our last “pitch and purge” day tomorrow prior to the office move. It’s a casual day, and IT and Finance decided to have a potluck. Because I am entirely too nice, I offered to the guys that if they wanted to pay for the groceries, I would take care of the food for all four of us. Of course, this offer was made prior to the breakup, when I had something resembling energy… I downgraded my cooking plans – no Metzger potato salad for you schmucks! – and went with pre-made or raw. Plus it’s been like, 35C every day, who wants something like chili? (Which someone is bringing…) And so, veggies and dip tray, and a big fruit salad. I also bought artichoke and sundried tomato caponata and whole wheat mini piti from Vincenzo’s, and several kinds of drinks. The Entity will be presented with their bills tomorrow.

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