I woke up “off” again this morning. Fortunately this time I knew to take action. A good set of stretches, then a hard-pedalling half-hour on the bike at the gym was good. And Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince arrived just before I was heading out, so he came with me for the bike ride. Feeling a bit better, though not in the mood for heading for Toronto this afternoon. However, that’s probably the best sign that I need to go. Evenings and nights are the most dangerous alone. Sherry doesn’t feel in the mood for a girls’ weekend, either. Hopefully we will be more fun than we feel. The Lolita’s Lust reservation is at 7pm, and we’re meeting Chaya back at Helen’s around 10. I am hoping after that the evening just consists of good wine, good conversation, and, of course, yoga pants.

I had to run some errands, and at Shoppers I found some ducks I don’t have. Sold. They made me smile, which seems like a good investment for about $6. With the addition of these four, my collection is now up to 66.

It started raining this morning before I got up. First a steady rumbling of thunder, then steady rain. It was nice to go back to sleep to. It stopped before I left for the gym, then started again after I got home and showered, then stopped, then started raining again while I was running errands, and is still raining, with added thunder. There was a really big crack of it a few minutes ago. We need it. The earth, the plants, the people, I think. My condolences to anyone getting married today.

Alrighty, time for some Harry Potter before I have to pack, head over to feed Chad’s fish, then head down to TO. I picked up some “glue”, which has a better effect on my hair than the Control Paste. I am feeling a little better about it for the moment.

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  1. I’m jealous your Harry Potter arrived. I cheaped out and didn’t pay for the Saturday delivery — with the last one, they delivered it on Saturday anyway, but this time no dice. Oh well.

    Don’t give me any spoilers!

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