I took the garbage out a little earlier. The air is cooler, damp rather than humid, and smells like corn on the cob.

I just finished updating my calendar. I have one of those “Timeposters” that I got in university. A big, laminated wall calendar that shows a month on one side, and two months on the other. I use the two-month side. With a paper towel and some Windex I erased May and June to make room for July and August (embarrassingly, as July is half-over). I erased Ireland and Montreal and chiropractor visits and my birthday and Andrew’s trip to San Francisco and Canada Day (it was tacked onto the end of June because there were spare spaces). Most months I have no reflections as I erase the calendar and refill it with new days, new appointments, new birthdays, and the other administrivia of my life. But May and June. Hell, January to this moment. This year. It is probably fortunate that I’m not Jewish. Come Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur my head and heart would be too full to know where to begin…

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