Another down/up day. How unusual! However, some good conversation helped. A hard bike ride at the gym really helped. I don’t know why I’m so stupid and don’t just go every day. I’d probably increase my “ups” exponentially. And get all buff.

Got talking with the wife of the electrician we hired to upgrade the service at my brother’s house, and it has opened a whole new kettle of interesting. They might potentially be interested in buying the house. And another option, which my parents brought up – what if we could get as much money as we need/want, but could sell them the house now, without finishing all the remaining work.

Potentially good opportunities all around. I just need to do some research into finding out what the house is worth finished and unfinished…

It’s vaguely amusing to me how much I’m learning about renos and real estate, seeing as I have little interest in being involved in either at this point. 🙂

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