I tried mountain biking today. I have been wanting to for a while, and while we continue to shop around for a bike for me, today I rented a bike at Kelso and went out with Andrew, his friend Darren, and Darren’s friend Tony.

I’m not in great shape. I do alright at the gym, and enjoy physical exercise, but the gym is very different than “sporty” exercise. I enjoyed biking today, but I was in over my head for it being the first time I’ve been on a bike in a decade or two. Good to know for the future, though. My muscles are fine, which is nice, but I don’t have the cardio conditioning yet to keep my muscles going. That combined with heat and biking wore me down relatively quickly. I felt vaguely nauseated a couple of times. My apologies to my riding partners for holding them back. They were all very nice about it.

Probably the biggest detriment to my riding success was the seat. When you don’t bike regularly, saddle soreness is very real, and very painful. I couldn’t pedal for long periods of time, because I had to keep my weight on my butt, and it just hurt too much. When I could pedal a bit and then kind of prop myself up on my pedals and coast (yay for downhill areas), I had a great time. I even did okay on some rocky and root-strewn areas.

So for the next few days, things are going to be a little tender, little swollen. While I’m sitting I’m okay, but the transitions are rough, and I’m sure I’m walking a little bow-legged. Oh well, I’ll get there. It was wonderful being out in the fresh air, and the woods smelled wonderful. Can’t wait til fall.

However, I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am SO not eXtreme… yet. 🙂

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