I was on my way home from Guelph this evening, and passed a sign for Belgian Nursery in a field. I’d never noticed the tagline at the bottom before. People and plants need each other.

Uh, actually, no. In fact, plants in general would be much better off in the world without human intervention. Vast parts of the world wouldn’t be deforested and unable to grow any significant plant life. We wouldn’t have to spray chemicals to protect plants against bugs and diseases against which we stripped them of their ability to develop immunity. Plants would be allowed to rely on their own devices to grow and change and wouldn’t be limited by unnatural levels of genetic modification and chemical enhancement and selective extinction based on what is pretty or useful to people and what’s not. Yes, the pretty, controlled, eunuch plants one buys at a nursery are, most certainly, in need of people. But in post-apocalyptic movies, the plants they show reclaiming “civilization” aren’t exactly topiary.

Watched the first four episodes of season one of The Amazing Race at Rena’s today. I only started watching in season six, after listening to my junkie friends going on and on throughout season five. Of course, presumably due to syndication deals or whatever other network shenanigans, none of the show has come out on DVD. It’s amusing to see how much less polished the show looked back then. How goofy Phil’s hair was, and how infrequently he showed up. And people played with… sportsmanship. Having never seen the first few seasons, I didn’t truly get why some people were so irked when people started to play like they play in other “reality” shows. Rob and Amber, anyone? Yes, there was conniving and manipulating and all that, but there was also this definite “we’re in this together” vibe that seems rather quaint now. Apparently Outdoor Life Network in the US has begun showing season one of Survivor. I’d LOVE to see that. (Not enough to buy it, but you know what I mean…) I imagine it would seem naive and wildly amusing now. After all, that’s where it all began… 🙂

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