Another day in paradise.

Dear Ancestors,

This morning I went to the gym. It’s a place with lots of equipment that allows you to simulate physical exertion, like cross-country skiing, running, or bike riding. There are weights and classes and whatnot, too, to allow you to burn off calories and work your muscles. A lot of the food you buy at the store is pre-processed and pre-packaged. Some of it tastes really good, but has a lot more calories than the average person can burn off in a day of working. You can bring headphones along to the gym and listen to music or watch tv while you exercise, because it tends to be boring. I pay money to them every month to use the machines, since I don’t really have room in my apartment to buy them and keep them at home. I need to exercise via machines sometimes because my job is very sedentary. I sit in front of a computer screen and create programs or write down instructions about how to do things on other computers. Strangely, even when you get very fit at the gym, when you go out and do real exercise (walking, running, biking, gardening) it tires you out much faster and makes different muscles sore. A lot of people don’t have jobs that require physical work, and very few people live on farms anymore or do jobs like woodcutting or blacksmithing.

This afternoon I went for a walk with a friend of mine. We got gelato (it’s like ice cream) and wandered through Waterloo and out to the park and beside the lake. It was quite a warm day so we stopped and bought bottles of water. It was Aquafina, which is one of the brands I prefer because it’s filtered by reverse osmosis, which makes it taste better. I’m not a fan of bottled spring waters because they taste like soft tap water to me (I’m not convinced they’re from any spring). At home I use a Brita pitcher to filter the tap water so it tastes less like chlorine and whatever else is in it. There aren’t really any springs in Waterloo.

This evening I talked to some friends online. We used Messenger, so we can talk by typing messages to each other on the computer. I’m not a fan of talking on the phone (plus sometimes reception on the cell phone isn’t great – I don’t have a land line). Most of them live in other cities, so we can’t get together all the time. I wrote in my blog, too. It’s like a journal, except on the computer, and what I write is on the internet, where anyone can see it. I have a few friends who read it, but that’s mostly it. I write about whatever I’m thinking about. It’s good to get thoughts out of your head. They’d drive me nuts otherwise. It’s cheaper than therapy. (Therapy is when you pay a professional to listen to you talk and help you figure out what your problems are and how to fix them.)

So what’re your days like?

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  1. I too live in paradise (a desert one) and are chained to a computer most of the day. But I do a bit of exercise in the morning before I start work and then most days I take a walk at lunch time. It's my form of therapy.

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