Going out for beers with co-workers is typically a good team-building experience. Going out for beers with my co-workers is invariably entertaining, largely one-track conversationally, and highly, highly inappropriate. Admittedly, it’s kind of a given that Dan and I have considerably different boundaries than most bosses and their reports. It’s also understood that things go off the record regularly and without warning. Heh, the lawsuits we could bring up against each other would be most entertaining. Being formal and professional with each other wouldn’t be any fun. Besides, the guys aren’t formal or professional with each other, why should I be?

It was nice, kicking back, drinking cold beer, stealing Dan’s cigarette, ripping on each other, getting a buzz on. It’s been a while. Plus during work hours they tend to talk shop a lot more, which gets pretty boring. Inevitably, as the team grows, as it’s about to, the dynamic is going to change. And it’s probably good for things to be a bit less… incestuous. But things will never be as easy, as relaxed, as fun. And as isolated as I already feel oftentimes, any new people are going to have it in spades over me. Fortunately, I am cognizant of that (as is Dan, he is, everything else aside, a good boss) and can make efforts to combat it.

Friends have been very good to me and for me the last while. I have more acutely enjoyed their company; I have become more grateful for them; and I have become more cognizant of efforts I need to make to continue to enjoy their company. That’s always a good thing.

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